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The Vosh Lakewood Story


Mickey Krivosh, owner of popular Lakewood restaurants Around the Corner and Georgetown, is proud to announce that VOSH, a new music venue at the west end of Lakewood will celebrate its Grand Opening St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Friday, March 15th thru Sunday, March 17th. The club will feature a plethora of live entertainment.

Located at 18515 Detroit Rd, next door to Georgetown in the historic former Bonne Bell building, VOSH completes a trifecta for the Krivosh Family in Lakewood’s Georgetown Corners neighborhood.

A lifelong Lakewood resident, Mickey set down roots in the west end of Lakewood 38 years ago when he opened Around the Corner Saloon and Cafe. Established as one of the best bars on the West Side of Cleveland, Around the Corner is famous for it’s huge outdoor patio, great food, drink specials and entertainment. In the spring of 2011, Mickey purchased part of the former Bonne Bell Headquarters building along with the Bell family’s popular Three Birds restaurant, changing the name to Georgetown, six months later. The restaurant maintains its reputation as one of the city’s finer eateries, delighting guests with fine dining in a casual, elegant atmosphere.

The new VOSH club was created from an old warehouse in the historic Bonne Bell complex. A truck dock was filled in and the room expanded to access the building’s courtyard with the addition of large garage door windows that will open up onto the nicest outdoor patio in Lakewood, also used by Georgetown. The club’s decor incorporates elements from several local iconic venues. Upon entering VOSH through the front doors from Lakewood Country Club’s stately clubhouse, the focal point is a large gas fireplace rescued from the men’s lounge. Oak trim, doors, decorative mirrors, ceiling tiles and fixtures have also been recycled from the country club. Ornate doors were salvaged from a former Lakewood church. Lakewood movie goers will recognize that the Detroit sign from the old theatre marquee has found a new home inside the club, above the front window.

The club was originally to be called Ten-O-Six in honor of the first product from the Bonne Bell line, once manufactured on the site, and of Jess Bell, who’d been a long time friend of Mickey and instrumental in Mickey’s early days in the neighborhood as he established Around the Corner. But recently, common sense prevailed, when Mickey’s daughter Jennifer decided she liked a different name for the mixed music venue . . . . . VOSH, which draws on the second part of the Krivosh name. It’s also appropriate, in that VOSH has come together as a collaborative effort of the Krivosh family, including son Ryan, daughter Jennifer, and daughter-in-law Kira, all under the watchful eye of wife Patty.

Originally conceived as a Jazz club, a more eclectic mix of live entertainment is planned to keep things fresh, with the addition of Rock, Pop-Rock, Comedy Nights, Country, Jazz, Blues, Motown and more. Executive Chef Gregg Korney of Georgetown has created a special menu of appetizers, small plates, soups and salads for VOSH guests to enjoy.