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Reality Tour: Doors at 8pm, Band 8:30-11:30


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Reality Tour: Doors at 8pm, Band 8:30-11:30
Date: Oct 18, 2019
Time: Doors at 7:30pm, Band 8:30-11:30
Cover: $5

Event Summary

Reality Tour – Destination 2020! After a 7 year hiatus (and a few new family additions) we climb aboard the tour bus and return with a flourish! Join us, if you dare, for an evening whimsical music and frolicking frivolity!

Maria met bassist/vocalist Johnny K in a previous musical endeavor when they discovered that their voices blended together quite well. After a few years of honing their skills, they decided to branch out and form their own project from scratch. That’s when guitarist Bobby Z magically appeared one fateful evening and Reality Tour was born. Together with drummer Ron and keyboardist Jimmy G, the fateful 5 performed roughly 5 years before the band went on hiatus for 7 years to pause for the inevitable family priorities.
After the hiatus, Maria contracted the performance itch once again and summoned forth her favorite sidekicks for another go round. The Reality Tour bus left the station for parts unknown, but this time they picked up keyboardist/bassist Nicky and drummer Mark to help recreate their signature style and, perhaps, to places beyond those known to mere mortal musicians (yes, we’re being silly here)!
So today we find ourselves a reincarnated fivesome, tweaking the song list a bit, and preparing to give it our all when the Tour bus lands at a venue near you. Make sure to keep a keen eye open and join us for an evening of musical ecstasy… we’ll be sure to save you a seat!

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